a tool that actually lets you 

create truly useful plugins!


Now you can create custom shortcodes 

for yourself or your clients to use.

You can even create shortcode plugins to sell!

If you're like me then surely you're sick and tired of the frustration.


You've tried all the other so-called "plugin creators" only to be 

left scratching your head wondering, "how does this thing work?" 

...That is, if it even works at all.

So, how is Shortcode Creator Pro any different from the rest?

 With Shortcode Creator Pro you can enter your own:

HTML code 




even images 

Imagine how much time you can save by being 

able to create your own custom shortcodes

All that repetitious typing or copying & pasting 

can be done once, saved as a shortcode,

 and easily accessed from any post or page editor. 

But that's not all...

...You can also export your custom shortcodes 

as branded plugins to give away or sell!

Can you just imagine the viral nature of this?

What kind of branded plugins could 

you create with Shortcode Creator Pro?

  •  Syndicate your Blog or other Content in a novel way
  •  Scrolling Niche Tips
  •  Weekly Recipes
  •  Daily Quotes
  •  Giveaway of the Day or Week
  •  Image Galleries
  •  Sliders
  •  Viral Articles & Reports
  •  Videos
  •  Promote your Ebooks
  •  Mini Bonus Pages
  •  Custom Snippets
  •  Complete HTML Pages
  •  Games & Puzzles
  •  Create a Mini Shop of your products for your affiliates
  •  Just use your imagination for nearly endless ideas!

And, by including a link back to your site 

your distributed plugins can get you 

a lot of extra traffic

...or you could even include your own affiliate links.

Below are a couple of demos of the creation of very simple plugins.


These videos have been created to show you the basic functionality as 

well as how incredibly easy it is to create your own shortcode plugins.

You can do far more though than what is demonstrated here.


With a bit of imagination, making use of other free plugins, adding JavaScript, etc. 

YOU can create some very impressive and useful products!

Create a Simple Plugin in One Minute Demo Video:

Quick Start Demo Video:

Get Shortcode Creator Pro now and

start creating some valuable plugins right away!

Only $17

Absolutely, positively guaranteed to make you a happy camper!